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Brand-new methods to press brand-new products into the house device cost boosts August 2005, rate departments throughout the province to keep track of the rates of house appliances found that the 3 made the initial tracking Brand 6 type of color Television Set all delisting, out of this brand-new phenomenon of the usual products in microwave, fridges, Washering, Air conditioner And other markets; while the cost of new items is normally greater than the old products. This, the market stated the brand-new appliance Listing Speeding up rate, family gadgets into the updating of consumption; the exact very same time, press brand-new price hike has actually ended up being the brand-new house gadget organisation Technique. 6 TELEVISION Silently withdraw from the market Tracking data show that the continued listing of brand-new home devices, home devices market into the replacement of intake, brand-new high-end consumer electronic gadgets market are enjoying the monitoring of home appliances fridges, color TV model has actually faded and the market variety, is brand-new option. The most typical is a color TELEVISION, the expense tracking center of the provincial cost bureau accountable individual, the regular monthly tracking cost sector Konka, TCL And Changhong 3 brand of tvs, each brand name tracking of 64 cm and 74 cm each a color TV, in August, they found that the market has actually not discovered this 6 color TELEVISION. A few days ago (September 15, 2005), The press reporter gained from the appliance maker is likewise the case recently, appliance makers introduce new items quicker and much quicker, household electrical home appliances out of the annual rate of 30%. Stealth cost boost New method into rate boosts Inning accordance with reports, the considerable new features and look is boosted, a lot of do not technological developments. New house device producers why the principle of routine speculation? The reason is that the brand-new rate of new products typically, each new product presents the product’s price can go up a notch collaborates. And in 2005 raised the costs of fridges and air-conditioning is an example of a standard rate boost in 2005 fridge 300 yuan, while the a/c cost increase of 100 yuan, it is by increasing rates of brand-new function. One not to be named the head of house electrical devices producers, the majority of producers are reluctant to peaceful house device expenses of their products, but the rate of house devices, has actually been quietly increasing, while expenses of most of this The listing of new items is carried out, considering that the new items do not “recommendation”, so rates have actually concealed nature of the cost boost has actually ended up being a typical method for home electrical device business. End of house appliances market has actually been With the improvement of living requirements, the general public gradually strong demand for high-end products. To TV, for example, Fujian Dazhong Electric Device TV Supervisor Lee provided, priced at 3,000 yuan more than the variety of high-definition, Rear Forecast, Liquid crystal, And other high-end plasma TVs can be represented Deal Amount of 40%. The Paradise of the info in Fujian this year, the typical TV unit to 3,500 yuan, while in 2015, only 2200 yuan. Market professionals believe that sales of higher-end house devices, there are two primary factors: First, purchase of home devices would choose to wed young in one action; Second, with the accelerated upgrading of home electrical house appliances, numerous families deal with from old items begin to purchase brand-new problems.