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“Flagship guideline the roost, Matrix Reloaded,” “freshly opened flagship shop more than 10,000 square meters, big area, high-low”, “to produce the most significant flagship store in East China” … … In current days, resulting in Hangzhou the loud device shops unlimited weekend advertisement war is discouraging. Substantially, this time everybody enthusiastically participated in the “flagship store”, finishing kings, “flagship”, “exceptionally going shopping mall” has become the most regular words. With new shops began taking regular monthly increase, the phenomenon of home appliance shops get together and heightened, as Qiutao northbound area of the upper and lower variety of 500 meters would need to open a four home device stores, consisting of 2 brand-new stores were stating to be “flagship.” People can not help however wonder: Exactly what is the flagship store? We require numerous flagship shop? “Flagship” of the war heightened In fact, the battle to open a “flagship” hot in Beijing, Nanjing and other cities staged. This two-day Beijing got back device stores “flagship” of the argument is outcry, Suning has announced a “flagship store requirements”, including the big scale of the car park, parking for more than the number in 1000; business area of 10,000? above; and worldwide recognized brand combination chain, such as the formation of domestic shopping center. Suning stated that many other client electronic devices stores are unknowned flagship store, is a “parallel imports” flagship shop, and mentioned requirement “fake.” News came out, naturally activated some saliva war. In Hangzhou, house devices, “flagship shop” heat just as much as Beijing, Nanjing and other cities. At present the major house gadget chain has opened in the Hang Location, near to recently opened stores on 15. You shop, I shop, next door, throughout road throughout the phenomenon of a growing variety of typical. Press reporter recently to ask the City Board of Trade, the celebrations understand that this term is not a flagship shop Yetai requirement. Hangzhou opened great deals of service activities where the essential conditions of the standard list, and discovered that simply stores, outlet shop, big boutique such claims. The flagship shop of the phenomenon often marketed, industry experts believe that, in reality, is a metaphorical flagship shop concept, as the flagship of a fleet need to lead, as the trademark name flagship store should be a standard image of the very best: have the most total system, design the most standardized, specifically the details are ideal; items must be really abundant, sophisticated grade, have to pass a sort of brand name idea. Big place alone, the item more, and can not be a real flagship shop. Hangzhou, the so-called contrast flagship store in many sectors, in addition to keep more than a big freight, and not fundamentally show the qualities of the flagship shop. To build a “flagship” of non-momentary power Device shop’s crowded, insane enclosure, has really begun into a situation of excessive competitors. Home device is not style, the same sort of standardized items more similar. Blindly striven in the rate war while also trying gadget chain thrust, Ever “flagship shop” principle entered being. The devices all state “flagship shop” is based upon high-end low-cost, more the pursuit of quality, focusing on the environment and services to draw in more popular. Hangcheng various “flagship shop” opened at the starting also in fact recorded the attention of consumers, but slowly needs to settle, and huge place leasing, everyday expenditures have actually ended up being significantly apparent, magnitude and angle for the dress to a much smaller earnings margin circulation of the more heavy home appliances. The market believes that, regardless of the considerable presence of high-end items, “flagship store” in the positioning of the broad nature of the diversity of customer groups and the multilevel nature of the item cost has actually reached an amazing peak, however in truth as “flagship store “is still in the couple of success stories of the main substantive exploration and effort to stage and pains from numerous merchants first started preparing efforts can be seen to open the high-end market is not that simple.