Appliance Industry Under The New Economic Opportunities And Challenges

To increase the acquiring power of farmers to accelerate rural usage to upgrade and expand rural consumption, and promoting the collaborated development of internal and external needs, the approval by the State Council, Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce decided to start with December 2007, in Shandong, Henan, Sichuan Province, performed 3″ Bringing home devices “Pilot. Farmers to buy the pilot provinces TELEVISION, Fridge (Consisting of refrigerator), 3 type of house gadgets and mobile phones to backwoods of items, from the central and provincial funds by product Sell 13% of the price of direct aids to farmers. “Home home appliances to the countryside,” the pilot made a good helpful results, to Rural house appliance market played an essential function. Inning accordance with Commerce Department data, from 2008, the pilot provinces, “house gadgets to the countryside” sales scenario, the pilot provinces to improve the typical sales rate of 30% faster than other regions of about 167 million rural house owners who radiation, the total sales of 4.0 billion yuan, to the countryside as rural clients picked products. According to the pilot and the examination, the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Commerce revealed in October 2008 to broaden the promotion efforts will be 4 classifications of farmers, for the market capacity of products under the “home gadgets to the countryside” to promote the scope, especially consisting of: color TELEVISION, refrigerator (with freezer ), mobile phones, Washering, With an increase in the washering when the pilot, regional reached 14 provinces, independent locations and cities with province. In order to effectively promote the development and promo of Chinese home gadget industry, domestic demand, Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao in November 19, 2008 State Council executive conference, research study and strategy to promote the healthy advancement of fabric market policy procedures, the conference acknowledged the promo of textile market of health advancement of policies and steps 6, where the initial is “to expand domestic demand throughout the nation ‘appliances to the countryside’.” Ever since, the “house gadgets to the countryside,” spread out throughout the country, in the subsequent application has in fact gradually increased Air conditioning, Hot water heater, microwave, induction cooker and other items. “Gadget to the countryside” is the effect of the next few years a considerable occasion in China’s house device market, through the application of the “home devices to the countryside” policy will cause fridges, freezers, washering and other home devices sales growth, would contribute substantially to start-up and pull l the rural market capacity of domestic need. 2008 output value of China’s house device market 682.3 billion yuan, up 13.9%. Amongst them, the home refrigeration device industry output value of 148.5 billion yuan, up 4.2%; domestic cooling industry output worth of 238.9 billion yuan, up 14.5%. Although the output development than in 2007 but huge changes emerge due to that of the financial environment, company circumstance and presents high to low trend development rate from the regular monthly output can be seen that the month-to-month year on year growth rate reduced to 12 months has stopped development. And industrial output just like the Chinese home gadget industry sales in 2008 to 667.9 billion yuan output worth, up 13.3%. Among them, the home refrigeration gadget market sales worth was 148.2 billion yuan, up 7.8%; domestic sales of cooling market was 238.3 billion yuan output worth, up 13.1%. 2009, the Chinese economy is facing many troubles and unpredictabilities of worldwide Monetary Effect of the crisis is still continuous, national financial decrease will invest some time to change short-term is tough to start street to recovery, weak domestic consumer need will be for a long period of time in the distressed Chinese house home appliance market, part of the test a low item need inescapable. 2009, the nationwide policy for assistance for China’s home appliance market, more than ever, and to stand up to financial modifications will play a key function. The domestic market, as the nation’s policy of promoting domestic requirement outcome of gradually exposed, the state of the metropolitan and rural facilities financial investment to increase, accelerating the speed of urbanization, specifically in the “home devices to the countryside” policy totally under method, under the effect, will be able to stability of the standard requirements of rural markets, washering, refrigerators, cooling, a storage-type Hot water heater, Microwave and cooker, and so on will benefit from this policy. Exports, the external need to be minimized, anticipated the Chinese federal government in 2009 to keep its currency steady, will similarly increase, consisting of family devices, including a number of mechanical and electrical items export tax rebate rate, which will slow down China’s export market, home gadgets decline. More considerably, due to the worldwide home gadget production base in China’s position is challenging to change, order, and will not be a lot of transfers, the export market, although it will have particular degree of atrophy, but the down trend will gradually eliminate.